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Sea Trials




A sea trial may be added to a full condition survey or it may be done independantly.




The general format will start with noting the vessels essential details, fluid levels, personnel on board, weather and sea state.


The following tests are then performed (not necessarily in this order).


  • Engine(s) and generator(s) start/stop test.
  • Engine idle in neutral and in gear (check for cooling water flow, smoke, vibrations and unusual noises).
  • Test operation of manoevering systems (throttles, steering, thrusters and joystick).
  • Check readings on the guages are appropriate.
  • Check electronics (autopilot, GPS, VHF and radar) for correct operation.
  • Performance test. For a motor vessel this will involve a series of straight line runs increasing the engine RPM is regular steps (eg: 200RPM) and noting speed through the water, speed over the ground and fuel consumption (where an engine management display is fitted). For a sailing vessel, this will involve noting best angle to windward, tacking angle, smooth operation of all sail handling lines, clutches and winches, and a reefing system test.
  • Whilst returning to its berth, a further check for vibration and unusual noise will be made with the engines running at speed.
  • As each vessel is different, there may be further checks and tests done on any given boat.


The results of all these tests are compiled into a report (normally included as part of a full condition survey report).

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