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Damage Surveys

When a vessel is involved in an incident which gives rise to an insurance claim, the insurance company will appoint a surveyor to inspect the damage. He will then send a report to the insurance company detailing the nature and extent of the damage and confirming that the damage is incident related. This will allow the insurance company to decide whether and to what extent to accept the claim. We provide this service to a number of major insurance companies.

If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered loss or damage as a result of someone elses action (or inaction) you may be made an offer by their insurance company to cover your loss. If you feel this is inadequate, you are within your rights to instruct your own surveyor to offer a second opinion.


We provide this service from time to time, provided there is no conflict of interests.



Damage caused to the cockpit of a motor yacht by the anchor of another vessel during a failed berthing manoevre.



Damage to the radar arch of a nearly new motor yacht when water ingress caused the crane to operate in error.



Damage to hull and running gear caused by grounding on rocks.



Total write off of a Prout 37 following a galley fire.

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